Psychotherapy services for children, teenagers, young people and their families.

Counselling support for parents and carers. Mental health consultation for associated professionals.

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Are you concerned about the emotional or psychological well-being of a child, teenager or young person? Do you worry that they may be anxious or depressed, or struggling with relationships? Is behaviour beginning to feel out of control? 

I am a child and adolescent psychotherapist with over ten years’ experience working in NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS*). I am experienced in providing therapy and support services for children, young people and families. I know how highly distressing emotional and psychological difficulties can be and how important it is for the right help to be found at the earliest possible stage.

Many children and young people suffer with anxiety and depression which feels out of control and affects their ordinary development: it lowers their self-esteem; making friendships and relationships very difficult to manage. It can be difficult for them to ask for help. School and college work, and the pressures of social interaction, can leave some teenagers exhausted and children unpredictable and sometimes volatile.

Pre-school children may struggle with anxieties which overwhelm them. Attachment difficulties and childhood trauma can cause a life-long difficulties if untreated. It is often signs of unusual or challenging behaviours, or unexpected changes in mood, that alert parents and caring adults to the message that help is needed.

Finding the right help at an early stage can begin the process of making things better. Psychotherapy can help to transform worrying behaviours and reduce suffering and stresses within individuals and families. Through sensitive, specialist approaches, children and young people who are suffering with emotional difficulties can be helped to be understood in their difficulties. With developmental therapy, they can: form happier, healthier relationships, achieve at school and become increasingly independent and self-confident. 

*CAMHS is known as CYPS in some areas (Children and Young People’s Services)

Genevieve Lowes

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

M Prof Ch Psych Psych, MA, PGCE, BA (Hons)